Ancient Tradition: Kiehl Acupuncture Chinese medical school wood carving
       Ancient Tradition: Kiehl Acupuncture                Chinese medical school wood carving    

Douglas C. Kiehl BA,MA ,OMD, L.Ac., MD(MA)

Chinese Army Major General Kuo Jung Lee (Republic of China) presenting Chinese Medicine & acupuncture texts to Dr. Kiehl from his Master. 2018. (click)




Dr. Kiehl and Master Sendo, Kyoto, Japan

2019  (click)

Dr. Kiehl & Dr. David Hwang, 7th Chinese Congress. 1998  (click)

Dr. Kiehl and Master Tachi, Kyoto, Japan

2019   (click)

In memory of the late Master Seipoong (Ted) Chang, Dong Eui Medical School Advisor, Seoul, S. Korea.   1980  (click)

Dr. Kiehl & Shingon Buddhist Monk Yamamoto exchanging gifts.  Mountain of Shinto and Esoteric Buddhism, Koyasan, Japan

  2019     (click)

 Dr. Kiehl and  Shingon Buddhist Priest  Wada, Mountain of Shinto & Esoteric Buddhism, exchanging gifts, Koyasan, Japan

 2019   (click)

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