Ancient Tradition: Kiehl Acupuncture Chinese medical school wood carving
       Ancient Tradition: Kiehl Acupuncture                Chinese medical school wood carving    


Where the art & science of acupuncture, moxibustion and Chinese herbal medicine come alive



My formal education and profession....

       I completed  Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees at East Stroudsburg University with post graduate degree work at Penn State University; awarded Doctor of Oriental Medicine (OMD: Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine) from Eastern Oriental Medical School (Dongeui-Kyung Univ, S. Korea); and graduated the International University for Complementary Medicine receiving Doctor of Medicine (Holistic Medicine:Sri Lanka):MD:MA Medicina Alternativa. I am a graduate of the US Army Management Staff College (Ft Belvoir, Va.) ; Retired US Federal Civil Service-Department of the Army-Health & Welfare (Division Chief).   I serve as a Diplomate for the National Commission for the Certification for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM); National Board Certified and licensed by the Pennsylvania State Medical Board.  I have been engaged in the arts and sciences of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture since 1969.




   I am pleased to offer a traditional acupuncture, moxibustion and/or Chinese herbal medicine services to our Cumberland Valley community. Chinese Medicine is holistic approach to your health.

       We offer a preventive health maintenance program as well as treatment for acute and chronic conditions.   While I treat most conditions, I see a great many people for pain management, GERD, diabetes, anxiety and allergies.   Services are provided in a private setting. I am skilled in Chinese, Japanese, Korean needling techniques and moxibustion. I will adjust needling techniques based on your ability to tolerate certain methods.  I have been formally trained in Japanese Okazaki therapy.   Diet, nutrition and exercise are all part of the discussion when appropriate. Appointments are on the hour.  Plan on 45 minutes for the visit.



   I will assess your syndrome or pattern of disharmony using a set of diagnostic tools to include: to include questioning, palpation and visual inspection.  I am pleased to see your physician or healthcare provider's diagnosis, MRI, Xray or Blood chemistry.  All visits and information is, of course, confidential.

       Before proceeding we will agree on a treatment plan based on the nature of your ailment and your need.  As in all medical offices a series of treatments is necessary. I am honored to routinely assist Military Veterans with health matters.



 Remember....All diseases are rooted in the Shen-Spirit.  My text "Esoteric Kodenkan" is available at



  I have been a student of Judo for five decades.  It was this sport/art form that introduced me to Asian Medicine. I am ranked Shichidan (7th degree Black Belt) in Kodenkan Judo and awarded the internationally recognized title of Professor.   I am also recorded in the Martial Art Hall of Fame for my work in preserving this ancient art form.  This ranking and education positions me well to assist with athletic or mechanical injuries utilizing arts known as Tuina (Chinese Medicine) and Seifukujutsu (Japanese Medicine).  I bring this great history of ancient healing arts to my practice.


  Ask your health insurance company about acupuncture coverage.




World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies

Japan Society of Acupuncture & Moxibustion

Confederation Francaise de Medecine Traditionelle  Chinoise








Under the umbrella of Chinese Medicine we find:

Acupuncture, moxibustion, meditation, directed exercises, diet and herbal medicine.






A photo of our herbal preparation room.  Shown are: Chinese Herbal  Medicine cabinet & Japanese, kamakura period, wood (Spruce) carving of Shingon monk performing a martial art exercise. (click)

Office Hours:    Monday-Friday  9 am to 6 pm    717 243 8500























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Pictured is a Japanese, spruce wood, carving of Tengu. Tengu, half man/half bird, creature is found in Japanese mythology.  He had super natural healing talents and extraordinary martial art skills. He was able to transform and travel great distances in a moment.  His fan (tessen) was used to create wind storms.  His sword remains hidden.


This mischievous supernatural being was known for playing tricks on greedy and arrogant individuals.

Douglas C. Kiehl BA,MA ,OMD, L.Ac.

Chinese Army Major General Kuo Jung Lee (Republic of China) presenting Chinese Medicine & acupuncture texts to Dr. Kiehl from his Master. 2018. (click)




Dr. Kiehl and Master Sendo, Kyoto, Japan

2019  (click)

Dr. Kiehl & Dr. Shen, 7th Chinese Congress. 1998  (click)

Dr. Kiehl and Master Tachi, Kyoto, Japan

2019   (click)

In memory of the late Master Seipoong (Ted) Chang, Dong Eui Medical School Advisor, Seoul, S. Korea.   1980  (click)

Dr. Kiehl & Shingon Buddhist Monk Yamamoto exchanging gifts.  Mountain of Shinto and Esoteric Buddhism, Koyasan, Japan

  2019     (click)

 Dr. Kiehl and  Shingon Buddhist Priest  Wada, Mountain of Shinto & Esoteric Buddhism, exchanging gifts, Koyasan, Japan

 2019   (click)

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