Ancient Tradition: Kiehl Acupuncture
       Ancient Tradition: Kiehl Acupuncture

Your Health

.Although it is not necessary, we encourage you to bring details of your diagnosis to your first visit.  Your Xray, MRI, list of drugs and surgery information is all helpful.  For many conventional medicine has not met your need, having this additional information will save time and money.

We also encouage preventive maintenance treatments.  In short, improve your immune system and keep the villains away.  


Acupuncture and herbal remedies are available for conditions such as:


Pain management for opioid withdrawal.


Respiratory Disorders:  Sinusitis, Rhinitis,Common Cold,Tonsillitis,Sore Throat,Hay fever

Bronchitis,Bronchial asthma.  Allergy treatments are common in my office.


Disorders of the Eye:  Acute conjunctivitis, myopia in children, cataracts without complications, central retinitis.


Mental-Emotional Disorders:  Anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, addictions, weight control.


Musculo-skeletal Disorders:  Frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, low back pain, osteoarthritis, joint pain, stiff neck, bursitis, sprains, injuries from auto accidenmts, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia.


Gastro-intestinal Disorders:  Acute and chronic gastritis, hyperacidity, hiccoughs, acute duodenal disorders, Chronic duodenal ulcer, acute and chronic colitis, acute bacillary dysentery, constipation, diarrhea, paralytic ileus. We see many GERD patients.


Neuroloigical Disorders:  Head pain, miigraine, dizziness, trigeminal neuralgia, facial palsy, pareses following stroke, peripheral neuropathies, Menietre's disease, bladder dysfunction, intercostal neuralgia, sciatica.


Ear Disorders:  Ringing in the ears, deafness, ear ache


Reproductive System Disorders: infertility, PMS, irregular menses, menstrual cramps, menopausal disease, morning sickness, urinary incontinence, impotence


I caution my patients:


Guard against becoming the disease that you may have created........


Your symptoms are your friends as they identify the villains that your Spirit may destroy.....




Douglas C. Kiehl OMD, L.Ac.

Army Major General Kuo Jung Lee (Republic of China) presenting Chinese Medicine & acupuncture texts to Dr. Kiehl from his Master. 2018. 




Dr. Kiehl and Master Sendo, Kyoto, Japan


Dr. Kiehl & Dr. Shen, 7th Chinese Congress. 1998

Dr. Kiehl and Master Tachi, Kyoto, Japan


In memory of the late Master Seipoong (Ted) Chang, Dong Eui Medical School Advisor, Seoul, S. Korea.   1980

Dr. Kiehl & Shingon Buddhist Monk Yamamoto exchanging gifts.  Mountain of Shinto and Esoteric Buddhism, Koyasan, Japan


 Dr. Kiehl and  Shingon Buddhist Priest  Wada, Mountain of Shinto & Esoteric Buddhism, exchanging gifts, Koyasan, Japan


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